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….About This Blog

First and foremost this blog has the purpose to help promote and support my newly started website: relocationreview.com – but it’s also there to connect and support. Please stop by often. Leave your comments.

….About My Website

Relocationreview.com – “my little project”: I started this website because I really couldn’t find information on one website about our next duty station. There was a bit here, there was a bit there, lots of stastitics but nothing “from the horses mouth”. I was interested in what other people had to say and I wanted to read it preferably on one website. Relocationreview.com was born. Things move slowly, as my primary function is being a mom especially while my husband is deployed.

I would love to hear your suggestions, constructive criticism and maybe some kudos to what works and what doesn’t. Follow me on Twitter and be a fan of us on Facebook. (I’ll learn how to do the badges sooner or later or maybe YOU tell me?) Please also know that I am NOT a writer, so what comes out of my head usually goes straight via keyboard onto my blog and then English is my second language, if that’s an excuse. Thank goodness there is spellchecker!

….About me

I was born and raised in Germany and came to the United States in 1995. Hard to believe it has been already 14 year. I have been married for 16 going on 17 with 3 children. 10,12 and 14. The Army has been a part of my family ever since we got married since my husband was already active duty. My family has been pretty fortunate in that we were able to stay 4-5 years in most duty stations. The moves have proved to be a challenge for the kids now that they are older. Our next move is impending in 2010 most likely back to Colorado where our family had a tremendous time. We are looking forward to Colorado but the move will -as always- not be fun.

email to: relocationreview@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting.

Relocationreview.com Blog

Relocationreview.com Blog

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